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First Time Buyer Assistance

There is a large assortment of financial assistance and ways to buy a home available for first time buyers. We hope you find this information useful as you pursue buying a home of your own. Home Experts Realty's expert lenders, Realtors, and credit service partners have helped countless buyers with a home when they thought no one could help them.

First Time Buyer Grants

In addition to city and county grants of up to $20,000, periodically some lenders will offer grants like the "welcome home" program, which provides $5,000 towards a purchase of a home. You can request this as well as other financial assistance on our site. This program is available every year starting March 1st.

Would you like a $5,000 Welcome Home Grant?

Down Payment Assistance

Nearly every state has a down payment assistance program. You can request help with down payment assistance here on our site. Programs like this can significantly reduce the cost of a down payment. In Ohio, for example, it's OHFA, which is a housing loan that grants 2.5% of the actual sales price towards your down payment. Since typical loans are 3.5% down, you only need to produce 1% for your down payment.

Buying with No Money Down

Buying with no money down is easier than first time buyers think. We can assist with a no money down home loan in any state.

If you're buying in Ohio, however, we provided a Ohio No Money Down page to find USDA eligible homes. Simply choose a county, then a community to browse homes in eligible communities. Visitors can easily find this link from anywhere on our site at the very top of each page. You can request a USDA home loan (no money down) at the bottom of any of those pages.

Would you like a USDA No Money Down Home Loan? To come back to this down payment assistance page, click on "Help for Buyers" in navigation links to the left, then click down payment assistance.

Buying with Credit Issues

Buying a home with bad credit? Many buyers ask us about this. We do have lenders that can work with lower credit scores and we do all we can to help buyers get approved and know that you are more than your credit profile. If, for some reason you can't get approved today, we will assist you with your credit and we've helped countless buyers become highly qualified and proceed with purchasing a home. Get started today, request a home loan approval and know where you stand. We can help.

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Down Payment Assistance 2013

There is a vast amount of financial assistance available to First Time Buyers.

Request a grant for your area and state below, and if you're buying in Ohio, an additional grant program offering assistance is OHFA, which you can also request. Click a selection below, and our experts will respond and help you maximize your financial assistance. Click the tab at your right to learn more about other ways First Time Buyers can save thousands and get financial assistance for a home purchase.

Grants for First Time Buyers in Any State

first-time-buyer-grants_300Cities and Counties frequently offer $2,500 to $20,000 in grant funding. This is an attractive source of funding for First Time Buyers, and dramatically cuts your out-of-pocket expenses.

Down Payment Assistance 2013 for First Time Buyers

ohio-down-payment-assistance-for-first-time-buyers_300Many states have a down payment assistance program. Typical FHA down payments are 3.5%. Down payment assistance can help eliminate a substantial out of pocket expense. We can help you programs in your state and area just inquire.





County and City Grants for First Time Buyers

Funding like this is offered periodically by different counties and cities throughout the United States. Grants offered range from $2,500 to $20,000; a perfect way for First Time Buyers to save thousands on a quality single family residential home.

It's important to request a grant today, once funding runs out in your area, you'll have to wait until next year.

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Ohio Down Payment Assistance Qualifications (OHFA)

(note: you can request down payment assistance for your state below.)

You may qualify for money saving down payment assistance if you meet any of the below criteria

  • Are a first time home buyer or;
  • Have not had an ownership interest in your primary residence in the past three years or;
  • Buying in a target area (see below) or;
  • Are a military veteran who received an honorable discharge.
  • Have not received down payment assistance prior.

Participation in OHFA's First Time Home Buyer Program is accepted if a buyer is qualified in one of the categories above and meet the income and purchase price limits for the county. If you have been saving for a down payment and closing costs have kept you from purchasing, OHFA offers two programs that can really help most home buyers. You may qualify for one of these down payment assistance options to greatly reduce the out-of-pocket expenses associated with buying if eligible to participate in OHFA's First-Time Home Buyer Program.

  • Down Payment Assistance Grant offers 2.5% of the purchase price.
  • Grants for Grads Program offers 2.5% of the purchase price if qualified. In addition, there is a 0% interest rate and the loan is forgivable after 5 years if remaining in the state for 5 full years.

Back to Top, or Request an OFHA Grant Loan.

Target Area Loan Program & Down Payment Assistance

OHFA’s Target Area Loan Program helps revitalize federally designated target areas by making affordable loan products and competitive interest rates available to you if you qualify to purchase a home in these areas, even if you have previously owned property. A target area is an economically distressed area designated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Most Ohio counties contain both target and non-target areas. Target areas have higher income and purchase price limits than non-target areas in the same county (you must meet income and purchase price limit guidelines in target areas).

Additional Down Payment Assistance for Ohio Hero's

Ohio heroes make a difference in our lives by working hard in critical jobs every day. OHFA is proud to offer all the benefits of their First-Time Home Buyer Program to these borrowers at a 0.25% lower interest rate.* 

Ohio heroes include;

  • Active Military, Active Reserve or Veterans
  • Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics
  • Health Care Workers
  • Police Officers
  • Teachers

Military veterans are exempt from the three-year Primary Residence Ownership Interest requirement.
*0.25 off OHFA’s current rate at time of loan reservation.*

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