Robert King

Whether it is your first purchase or the next of many; whether it is your personal residence or that income producing investment; purchasing real estate is serious business and needs to be done with precision and knowledge. You need to employ people that can bring you the resources you need to make a well informed decision and provide you with the connections you need to make the deal happen. You need me on your team! I have been dealing in real estate from several angles for 25 years. I began as a roofing, siding and home repair contractor. I then added budget counseling and insurance sales to my knowledge base. Soon after, I got licensed as a mortgage loan officer. During this time I was buying and selling real estate for my personal use and investment portfolio. Later, I began managing property for a family member and now I am working as a licensed real estate agent and property manager. Don't settle for someone who just knows how to sell. Enlist my resources, experience, and knowledge of the entire real estate purchasing process to make sure your next purchase is the winning move for you.

Associated with Realtor and Fair Housing Associations

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